Seminar Objectives:

To provide a forum so that saddle makers can learn,  discuss and compare techniques. Where they can learn about supplies, raw materials, tools, machinery, and their sources. Enjoy an atmosphere of sharing, co-operation, understanding and the building of friendships.  Speakers are selected so as to further the tradition of the sharing that CSMA established with its first seminar in November of  1992.   The focus will be directed toward saddle making history, changes made and how we do things today.

Colorado Saddle Makers Association Seminars COMING UP!

 2017 CSMA Spring Seminar

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

April 21-23, 2017

Travelodge-Grand Junction, CO.

Harry Knipe 970-245-3068 or 

Kay Orton 970-487-3279

Click here for the 2017 Spring Seminar 2017 Brochure

2017 CSMA Fall Seminar—-Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2017—Castle Rock, CO.—Brian Warner—520-262-1048

Notice the date for 207 CSMA Fall Seminar has changed.